Locations in Manhattan, Hays, Emporia AND Topeka Kansas



The City of Hays selected Driggs Design Group, PA to provide engineering design services for the reconstruction of 8th Street from Milner Street to Vine Street.  The project involved the reconstruction of the existing pavement, sidewalks and driveways within the existing right of way.  As part of the project, all sidewalks were improved to meet current ADA design guidelines.  As part of the design services, the Driggs Design Group, PA reviewed several typical section alternatives and how each impacted the overall safety of the roadway and cost of the project.  In addition to the engineering design, the Driggs Design Group, PA also performed the topographic survey as well as provided the construction staking and materials testing services during construction.  The total cost of the project was approximately $1.5M. 



 As part of this project, the Driggs Design Group, PA worked closely with city staff to develop a grant funding application to the Department of Commence or a Community Development Block Grant. The Driggs Design Group, PA developed a Preliminary Engineering Report of the project identifying various options along with detailed cost estimates for each identified improvement.  This project included the reconstruction of 3 different segments of residential streets within the Ellis community.  Each of these street sections was in poor condition from previous waterline repairs and years of deferred maintenance.  The waterlines beneath each of these street sections were replaced prior to construction through financing provided the United State Department of Agriculture.  The Department of Commence awarded the City of Ellis $400,000 as part of their successful application submittal. The total cost of construction for the above referenced street improvements was $800,000. 



For this project, the Driggs Design Group, PA has provided a variety of surveying and engineering functions for the Heart of America Development Corporation as it relates to the development of this industrial park.  In the initial stages of this project, the Driggs Design Group, PA worked with the client, Kansas Department of Water Resources and the FEMA to elevate a portion of the development frontage out of the existing floodplain.  This included HEC-RAS modeling of the existing condition along with the impact the proposed fill would have on the surrounding areas based on the 100 year storm event.  This information along with a detailed report was submitted to the governing agency as part of an application to place fill within the development floodplain area.  Upon approval of this floodplain fill, the Driggs Design Group, PA assisted the client with developing a benefit district for the installation of approximately 800 feet of new street, including the installation of a new water main and sanitary sewer collection system.  In addition to these design services, the Driggs Design Group, PA provide the topographic survey, final platting and will be providing the construction engineering services on the new section of street to be constructed in the fall of 2017. 



The City of Schoenchen selected the Driggs Design Group, PA to provide professional engineering services for improvements to their existing lagoon system and to design a new lift station to replace the existing aged lift station.  The existing wastewater lagoon was seeping at a rate that exceeded the maximum seepage rate set by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE).  The existing lagoon was constructed in the mid 1970’s and the existing clay liners had been damaged. In addition, the Driggs Design Group, PA provided the engineering design for a new lift station to pump the city’s wastewater from the city to the lagoon located approximately ½ mile south of town.  All improvements were designed and approved by the KHDE and funding for the project was provided by the KDHE Revolving Loan Program.  The estimated cost of construction for these improvements is approximately $300,000.  



The City of Herington hired the Driggs Design Group, PA to provide a facilities masterplan of their existing water treatment facility.  This masterplan provided an overall review of their existing plant infrastructure and concluded with a list of capital improvement projects that the City of Herington could utilize as part of their budgeting process.  One of the immediate needs of the treatment facility was the replacement of the existing main office area that included the pumps and water filter system for the Herington Community.  The existing building was constructed in the late 1920’s and was showing signs of failing structurally.  With the masterplan document, the Driggs Design Group, PA helped the City of Herington identify potential financing and grant funding opportunities that could assist with the implementation of improvements to the existing treatment facility.  The immediate improvements included the construction of a building within the footprint of the existing facility that would include the relocated pumps, new filter basins and an improved office area.  In addition, this new building will house the new ozone conversation equipment to address the elevated levels of THM being detected in the Herington distribution system.  In addition, several other facility improvements as identified in the Facilities Masterplan will be completed.  Upon the completion of the project, the old building will be demolished and removed from the site. 




The Driggs Design Group, PA is providing the QC/QA materials testing and inspections for the construction of the new health care facility located in Smith Center, Kansas.  This new facility includes a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital along with a 28 bed Long Term Care Unit.  In addition, this new facility will serve as the rural health clinic for Smith Center and the neighboring communities.  The new facility spans approximately 63,000 square feet and its estimated cost of construction is approximately $25 M. The Driggs Design Group, PA worked in conjunction with Hutton Construction and its subcontractors to ensure the concrete and soils utilized to construct the new project meet or exceeded the expectation set forth by the design team.  The Driggs Design Group, PA also performed a variety of inspections on the project including reinforcing steel placement and block masonry installation.  Our team also assisted with the coordination of the special inspection for all bolted and welded steel connection.  



  The Driggs Design Group, PA has been offered the opportunity to work for Fort Hays State University on a variety of campus related improvement projects. FHSU is a top four university in the State of Kansas. Since 2015, it has invested over $50 M in new projects to improve its Hays campus. A list of these improvement projects along with the services the Driggs Design Group, PA provided on each project is provided below.